005 How to Avoid Unfollows on Social

Today’s Free Range Social Show:

How do you feel if someone unfollows you on Twitter or Instagram? What happens if your follower or fan count goes down?

Does it make you want to ?
Does it really matter?

Hopefully you are growing your audience the right way with the right people.

In this show, Julia and Ian are discussing how you can avoid getting unfollows on social media and how to grow your followers too.

We go live today (Monday January 21st, 2019):

2pm (UK & Ireland)
3pm (European Time)
9am (Eastern US/Canada)
8am (Central US)
7am (Mountain US)
6am (Pacific US/Canada)
10pm (Eastern Australian Time)

#FreeRangeSocial #SocialMedia #ContentMarketing

Julia @BrambleBuzz Social Media and Ian Anderson Gray

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Julia Bramble & Ian Anderson Gray

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FriarWade Fahnestock

Have an Awesome Week! 🙂

Free Range Social
1 year ago

Thank you – you too!

Jonathan Paul
1 year ago

Hi both. Good to see you. Is there a line between personal and business tweeting? If someone follows you for a business/professional reason, do you think they may be inclined to unfollow you if you don’t tweet solely about that? Could your personal tweeting be a negative?

FriarWade Fahnestock

a plethora of plethora t-shirts?

Robert C Stern
1 year ago

I am getting a t-shirt that says “Plethera”.

Robert Bowley
1 year ago

automated requests are an instant unfollow

Robert Bowley
1 year ago

Definitely being ignored after contacting someone wanting help or info

Robert C Stern
1 year ago

I have also noticed (Instagram and Twitter). The down part I see most is the bots that are set up to follow then unfollow.